How Illegal Immigrants Cost Local and State Taxpayers

Hardly ever does media show how local & state taxpayers get overburden financially by illegal immigration. That of course is by design. Hard financial evidence is there for people to consume.

One example of this is the case of murder victim Mollie Tibbetts. The accused murderer is sitting in a county jail in Iowa while the legal process slowly chugs along.

Here’s the story:

In July, KCCI reported that the state of Iowa had paid more than $12,000 to hire an interpreter for Bahena Rivera. He is accused of murdering Mollie Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, while she was on a run in Brooklyn, Iowa.

The documents, filed March 1, stated Interpreters, Inc. would provide the translation services to Bahena Rivera. The judge authorized an initial stipend of $8,184 for the services. However, the courts paid $12,485 to Interpreters, Inc. for their services provided up until March 1.

“For purposes of clarification, it should be noted that [$12,485] is not an additional amount over and above what the Court ordered in its March 1, 2019 Order [$8,184] but rather a total amount for all services provided by Interpreters, Inc. to date,” court documents said.

The $12,485 was paid for the services of a Missouri interpreter for 227 hours.

This cost above to taxpayers is JUST for interpreters because the accused does not know English. This does not account for jail, court or healthcare services. The evidence is pretty strong so taxpayers in the state will be on the hook for many decades while he serves life in prison.

Source: KCCI Des Moines


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