Virginia Town Gets Tax Money For Road Improvements, “Consultants” Take 40% of the Fund

Lucketts, Virginia received $4 Million from Congress to make improvements to road Route 15. This was back in 2003. Since then, “consultants” have eaten away at 40% of the designated money and no work has been done to the road. The town finally had a hearing on road improvement issue 16 years later.

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Another long-awaited project finally is nearing work in Lucketts, and was the subject of a sometimes-contentious meeting Monday night.

In 2003, Congress allocated about $4 million to Rt. 15 improvements with a 10-year timeline to get a project started. Since then, about $1.4 million have been spent on studies and planning, and no project has begun. Instead, the federal government has granted an extension on that 10-year time limit—an extension which is now also nearing its end. That leaves VDOT with about $2.5 million to use or lose. The state agency has plans to use that money to build raised grass medians—“splitter islands”—just north and south of the village, along with drainage improvements.

A project with that money must be underway by April 21—or the state will have to pay back the $1.4 million it has already spent.

“We can go back and we can dig up all those bodies, 10 or 12 or 15 years ago, of which, fortunately, I’m not one of them, or we can move forward with this money that’s available now,” Higgins said.

Several things to take in on this story, 1) The word “consultant” in any government function is a professional shake down gig or someone giving simple advice to inept government “leaders”. 2) Construction inflation itself will lead to less work being done to that compared to the project was done in 2004 or 2005. 3) Local governments have no internal auditing inspectors to get these projects done or stop the financial spending to ridiculous “studies” or “consultants”.


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