City Bike Share Programs Waste Millions In Taxpayer Money

Many towns and cities have invested in “bike share” programs. The idea is bikes will be stationed around a town or city, the person who wants to use this mode of transportation can go to a docking station and rent a bike to peddle to their destination and put the bike at another docking station. Some of these bike share programs are “free” to users.

Most, if not all of these programs, are just a waste of taxpayer revenue. The programs lose money or the bikes get stolen and stripped down for parts.

Below is a list of articles on this matter:

Los Angeles bike share program costs $36 Million, 32% of its fleet is missing

Miami lost millions in tax revenue from parking to provide bike sharing program

Birmingham, Alabama needed $3.8 Million in federal/private funds just to keep the program afloat

Chicago spent $19 Million to implement their bike share in 2012 

Denver’s bike share use is declining so fast(10% between 2014-2017), the program doesn’t report participation numbers anymore, just requests more tax money


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One thought on “City Bike Share Programs Waste Millions In Taxpayer Money

  1. Here in Dallas, a dockless system was utilized that took no taxpayer money. Unfortunately, it spun out of control with bike companies flooding the streets with needless bikes to try and gain territory until it all came crashing down. The only upside is every homeless person in the city now has an ex-rental bike.

    In certain places – like Central New Orleans, where population is dense, traffic is nuts, and there are a lot of tourists, the bike shares work great. It’s easier to get around on a rented bike than a car. Their system is great too because it’s semi-dockless, the bikes can be left anywhere in an area, but there are docks where you can count on finding one.


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