36% Of Online Shoppers Experiencing Theft Of Delivered Packages

One new issue that is popping up with the shopping online/items delivered straight to your home economy are those items being stolen off people’s front porches. In fact, the numbers are a lot higher and can cause headaches for police in how they tract crime.

Local police departments usually have a plan in place when they patrol areas of your town or city. Some areas deserve more attention than others, but one thing that can cause issues is due to staff shortages or enforcement issues being spread out across a patrol area. With online delivery being all over a town or municipality, police are constantly on the move.

Over the next few weeks, more than 2.5 billion packages are expected to be shipped across the United States in advance of the holiday season.

It’s all about spreading cheer, but it’s also creating opportunities for thieves who are sometimes bold enough to follow delivery trucks looking for packages that can be grabbed without too much risk.

And it’s growing as more people opt to shop online and have parcels delivered to their doorsteps.

In one recent study, Chicago-based C&R Research found that the average consumer is receiving 45 packages a year and that 36% of the consumers it surveyed reported having a package stolen at least once within the past 12 months. 

Source: South Bend Tribune

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