Fort Worth, Texas To Spend $1 Million On A “Diversity & Inclusion” Department

The money to make in government is in nuanced programs that have no details and chase philosophies of the elite. Example of this is in Fort Worth, Texas where they are spending big on political correctness.

Fort Worth now joins other major cities around the state in hiring its first director of the new Diversity and Inclusion Department. Christina Brooks is expected to begin her role on December 9.

Fort Worth created the position of the Diversity and Inclusion Department this year and allocated $942,111 to it. It replaces the former Human Relations unit. The city council approved the budget including the department by a vote of 5-3.

The department was created based upon the recommendation of the so-called “Race and Culture Task Force,” created in 2017. It is charged with enforcing the city’s non-discrimination laws and various federal civil rights laws, pursuing “equity in municipal service delivery and distribution of resources,” and “promoting cultural awareness.”

Brooks was the first director of diversity in South Bend and grew the department from one employee and no budget to a budget of over $500,000 in three years.

When asked about improving police relations with minorities in South Bend given the widely-publicized police shooting of Eric Logan, Brooks responded that she had started a program for interaction between police officers and “men of color” in the community.

When asked by an audience member about immigrants, Brooks touted the “SB ID” program where identifications were issued to immigrants, regardless of their legal status, which gave them access to city services.

Source: The Texan

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