Indiana Population Growth Tops Midwest Neighbors In Last Decade

The Hoosier State simple government and affordable living approach made it the leader in population growth from 2010 – 2019 among its Midwest counterparts. Not only did Indiana grow population wise, 3.7% growth for the decade, but investments came flooding in along with more political clout as the current United States Vice President is from Indiana.

Ted Dabrowski over at showed the results in a study showing the Hoosier’s State growth:

Illinois’ domestic migration losses are some of the nation’s worst. When measured per 1,000 people, Illinois lost over 8 people to out-migration in 2019, the 4th-highest in the nation.

And as the list below shows, none of Illinois’ neighbors come close to those losses. Michigan lost 2.4 people per 1,000 residents. Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin were almost flat. And Indiana actually had positive net migration.

All of Illinois’ neighboring states gained population in 2019. In fact, Indiana gained nearly 37,000 people last year – 2/3rds of what Illinois lost.


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