Nebraska Fire Chief Spends $20,000 Of Taxpayer Money For Personal Use

I’ve said for many years now, local government is way more corrupt than federal government. This isn’t the fault of taxpayers themselves as our system of government in the U.S. becomes very personal on the local side compared to the federal. When local leaders are elected, it is a tad more personal.

State and local government audits are very rare. I would not be surprised if they are just pencil whipped for inspection purposes. One suggestion a state government should do is hiring a private accounting firm for spot audits of randomly picked local municipalities.

Here’s an example of why more audits need to happen.

Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen is accusing Alvo’s Fire Chief of using public money for personal reasons, including to pay his home’s mortgage.

According to the report, questionable spending between January 1, 2018 and September 10, 2019 totaled $17,965.62.
That total breaks down to Electronic Payments (4) at $5,141.41, Questionable Checks/Reimbursements (3) at $2,809.00, and Debit Card Purchases (138) at $10,015.21.

In the month of April, the State Auditor found four large electronic debit payments totaling $5,141.41. One of those payments includes a mortgage payment of $3,828.39.

From August 10, 2018, through September 10, 2019, the card had been used at least 150 times. The auditor says the majority of the debit card transactions appear to be personal in use – including Amazon, Menards, Kansas City Royals Stadium, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Burger King, Casey’s, Dollar General, McDonald’s, Target, Taco Inn, Home Depot, Tack Room.

Source: 1011 NOW

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