Wisconsin School Teacher Poops On Building For Two Years, Allowed To Retire

Taxpayers will be on the hook for a retiring school teacher

who was caught defecating on a park building for almost two years.

How this teacher was not arrested or deemed sane to be around children, is beyond rational standards. This DAILY action the teacher did is third world standards….and that’s being nice in description. Of course, he will take a big fat pension into retirement and face no consequences.

Hough says they started to notice the messes in 2017. While infrequent at first, the defecation started to pick up.

“It was every day,” Hough said.

The incident report states that some days it was even multiple times a day Hough said it became a drain on resources.

After about two years of near-daily cleaning with a power washer and paint touch-ups, staff said enough was enough.

“We decided, well let’s use our trail cams to identify who might be behind this,” Hough said.

Thanks to those cameras, Churchwell was caught. The incident report shows he confessed to the crime after being confronted by deputies.

Hough says he believed Churchwell’s actions to be politically motivated.

The report states Churchwell conducted his daily “business” on his way to work at Milton High School where he was an English teacher.

Source: WKOW.com

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