Indiana State Taxpayers Help Fund Indiana University’s “Sex Fest” Program

Taxpayers from the Hoosier state fund 17% of Indiana University’s annual budget. Part of that money is being used to support a “Sex Fest” program.

New video and photos out of Indiana University show an individual being publicly whipped as part of a university-sponsored “sex fest.”

The Indiana University Health Center’s three-day 4th annual sex fest includes booths showcasing various sex toys and flogging mechanisms, complete with diagrams showing students how to use them. Some of the exhibits include free cupcakes and contraceptives, as well as free HIV testing, according to the Indiana Daily Student. Attendees also receive t-shirts that say “I love sex.”

Campus Reform obtained exclusive photos of other parts of the event from Wednesday night, showing tables at the event full of whips, paddles dildos, and other sexual objects.  One table contained a flyer that listed different types of “nipple toys” which included a “clothespin,” “nipple pump,” “nipple lasso,” “magnetic clamp,” “adjustable clamp,” “clover clamp,” “nipple tweezer,” and “hand.”

Students who attend this event will be required to sign a BDSM Safety Panel Contract where they will agree to not use any recording devices, maintain the confidentiality of the panelists, and to be respectful of all participants.

The event is being funded by the university, according to Mr. Carney. “…the money comes largely from grants and research funding, but also two student organizations.”

Source: Campus Reform

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