North Carolina County Raises Property Taxes So They Can Educate Poor People About “Climate Change”

Orange County North Carolina officials raised property taxes by .25 cents last year in order to raise revenues to tackle global warming. Now the commission is reporting how much revenue they have collected and how they plan to spend it…..educating poor people!

After Orange County Government passed its Climate Action Tax last year, they have been accumulating funds to pour back into creating a more sustainable way of living. Right now the fund sits at just under half-a-million dollars.

Orange County Commissioner Renee Price says the first way the money will be spent involves helping lower-income people in the community. People who may not have the means to be Eco-conscious.

“The item that gets the highest priority is social justice,” Price said. “So looking at people with low income that would have difficulty trying to do everything. I mean it’s enough to try to get food on the table and make sure you can get your kids to school or get to work.”

In light of this, the Board of County Commissioners recently approved two environmental projects. One is on the weatherization of homes for lower income people and the other is providing LED light bulbs for those who can’t afford them.

Price says these opportunities that help people in the community are also opportunities for education.



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