100,000 Dead Hoosiers From Coronavirus by Father’s Day?

In 90 days, a web site is estimating that 100,000 Indiana residents will die from the Coronavirus.

Before I begin this post, I want to personally say I think this is a bullshit prediction and a dangerous one. Predicting mass death is dangerous and confusing our society during times of emergency…..even man made emergencies.

Yesterday, Indiana Governor Holcomb issued “Stay-at-Home” orders. There are ton of exemptions obviously because he’s trying to keep something of an economy going. The stay at home orders will last until April 7th.

A website called, Covid Act Now, is running death model assumption based upon the very flawed Imperial College Model. The model itself is 13 years old and the creator of it will not show how they come to their conclusions. What is dangerous, these models are being used to guide policymakers in the United States.

Now for Indiana, you can find the website is predicting 100,000 deaths from Coronavirus by Father’s Day. It is also predicting 70% of the state being infected. This is insane. If it does happen, our state would look like a Civil War battlefield littered with dead bodies. Hospitals would barely be functional and anarchy would surely rule. 100,000 deaths over 90 days would be 1,111 daily deaths. Indiana currently has a total of 12 deaths.

But, if I’m wrong……well, no one will be visiting this site during anarchy and death.


Indiana so far has 35 deaths. Projections of 100,000 dead by Father’s Day will have to spike rapidly in the coming weeks. The 100,000 dead has also been tapered down to 99,000. The date seen below is when all hospitals in Indiana are past the point of no return.


UPDATE, April 13, 2020

It has been awhile since I updated this post. Mostly because I’ve been tracking Dr. Fauci’s “100,000 dead in two weeks” prediction. I guess there are so many mass death models for the United States, one can’t help to just swim in the data. But I digress.

In all seriousness, 350 Hoosiers have lost their life to this vicious disease. Those people can never be forgotten. At some point, their case was studied to help the future

Covid Act Now has updated their death predictions for Indiana. Good news, only 36,000 predicted to be dead by Father’s Day! Get the grill out dads, the carnage will now be two thirds less. The unfortunate thing is over 3.75 million Hoosiers will get the Wuhan Coronavirus.


Of course, the site is predicting our hospitals will be non operational by the end of May because of the anarchy this virus will bring.

Indiana 2

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