100,000 Dead From Coronavirus Dr. Fauci Prediction Tracker

Yesterday, President Trump passed along information of what the United States is facing in the next two weeks as it relates to the Coronavirus.

President Trump is using “models” on death toll projections from Dr. Anthony Fauci. Here’s a snippet from FoxNews.com:

President Trump told Americans to brace for “a very painful two weeks” and warned of thousands of more virus-related deaths.

“The surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong,” the president said in the White House briefing room in a lengthy press conference that lasted more than two hours.

The extension of the social distancing guidelines comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and other public health officials on the White House coronavirus task force ominously warned that even if the U.S. were to continue to do what it was doing — keeping the economy closed and most Americans in their homes — the coronavirus could still leave 100,000 to 240,000 people in the United States dead and millions infected.

Without any measures in place to mitigate the contagion’s spread, those projections jump to between 1.5 and 2.2 million deaths from COVID-19.

I’ve always been against these doomsday predictions as I am against just shutting down our economy. But anything I believe in is not being implemented it, so we have to deal with the present.

In order just to reach 100,000 deaths in two weeks that Dr. Fauci claims, you need to average 7,142 deaths daily. So I will start tracking the daily deaths each morning using World O Meters. We will begin the two weeks starting today:


UPDATE For April 2, 2020 (Day 1)

Yesterday was the worst day for the United States in regards to deaths from the Wuhan Coronavirus. Here’s a breakdown:
Start: 4,056 Deaths: 1,102 End: 5,102 Projected Death: 7,142

Difference: – 6,040/-84.5%
UPDATE For April 3, 2020 (Day 2)

April 2 saw more Wuhan Coronavirus hot spots lose lives. No major out breaks outside of the top 5 states losing people. There also no major uptick in lives being lost either. It appears to have held study.
Start: 5,102 Deaths: 973 End: 6075 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -6,169/-86.3%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 14,284 Actual Death: 2,075 = -10,134/-85.4%


April 3 saw a spike in Wuhan Coronavirus deaths and the hot spots continue major deaths compared to the rest of the country. The uptick in reported deaths is probably due to test results from deceased in March being reported. State of New York & New Jersey accounted for 60% of the deaths in the United States yesterday.
Start: 6,075 Deaths: 1,317 End: 7,392 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,825/-82.5%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 21,426 Actual Death: 3,392 = -15,959/-82.4%


Day 4 of the Wuhan Coronovirus outbreak saw a decrease in deaths as compared the day before. Stats from around the country show a decrease in hospital admittance’s. New York & New Jersey led the nation for over half of the deaths.
Start: 7,392 Deaths: 1,060 End: 8,452 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -6,082/-85%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 28,568 Actual Death: 4,452 = -22,041/-83%


Day 5 of the Wuhan Coronavirus hit another 1,168 victims. New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Louisiana account for 64% of all U.S. deaths. They are the hot spots. These areas should be shut down and quarantined. Dr. Fauci was on the news yesterday saying this is the week of massive loss of life. I’m think more tests coming back from March? Who knows. Fauci has been all over the place in any implementation of things.
Start: 8,452 Deaths: 1,168 End: 9,620 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,974/-83.6
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 35,710 Actual Death: 5,620 = -28,015/-83.2%


Yesterday was an uptick in people dying from the Wuhan Coronavirus. Georgia saw a big jump towards the end of the night which will be reported in tomorrows data. The Dr. Fauci supporters are getting restless with anyone questioning him. New “mathematical equations” will be invented soon by them. Several other models, who predicted mass causality and hospital collapse tried to quietly change their predictions, but social media caught on.
Start: 9,620 Deaths: 1,251 End: 10,871 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,891/-82.4%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 42,852 Actual Death: 6,871 = -39,/-83.1%


Halfway point of Dr. Fauci’s two weeks of “hell” has been reached. Day 7 presented itself as the highest point so far in tracking deaths. 1,970 people passed away from the Wuhan Coronavirus. Many are pointing this as the beginning of massive death explosion estimates for the United States. Will it be?
Start: 10,871 Deaths: 1,970 End: 12,841 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,172/-72.4%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 49,994 Actual Death: 8,841 = -39,078/-81.5%


U.S. experienced another round of 1,948 deaths from the Wuhan Coronavirus. New York, New Jersey and Michigan accounted 1,165 of those deaths. Dr. Fauci finally admits his “100,000 – 250,000” death total in two weeks was misguided and wrong.
Start: 12,841 Deaths: 1,948 End: 14,789 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,194/-72.7
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 57,136 Actual Death: 10,789 = -44,272/-80.4%


U.S. experienced its third straight day of 1,900 plus deaths. No one knows if this is a plateau or the start of it going down. The economic numbers coming out will be putting pressure on Governors and local leaders in relaxing business stoppage. Major policy clash coming between “quarantine forever” crowd and the “we are purposely tanking our economy” population.
Start: 14,789 Deaths: 1,902 End: 16,691 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,240/-73.3%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 64,278 Actual Death: 12,691 = -49,512/-79.59%

UPDATE FOR APRIL 11, 2020 (DAY 10)

Day 10 had deaths reported from the Wuhan Coronavirus break the “2,000” barrier. Lingering test results from deaths all the way back in Mid-March through now are driving these numbers. Media will report “deaths in one day”, but it is not. One has to now summarize that we may be now past the “flattening” and entering the downward trend. As old test results get published, death numbers should start dropping, possibly at a fast pace.

Start: 16,691 Deaths: 2,056 End: 18,747 Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,086/-71.2%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 71,420 Death: 14,747 = -54,598/-78.7%

UPDATE FOR APRIL 12, 2020 (DAY 11)

Day 11 saw deaths dip below 2,000. Another 1,830 people lost their lives to the Wuhan Coronavirus. Dr. Fauci’s new claim is around 60k dead in the U.S. Currently, there are 482,000 people diagnosed with the Wuhan virus. Most are mild cases at 470,500, with 11,471 of those in serious condition. This will be the metrics to watch in the coming 10 days. If this does not explode, from “mild” to “serious” condition, his metrics need to be examined.

Start: 18,747   Deaths: 1,830   End: 20,577   Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,312/-74.3%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 78,562  Death: 14,747 = -61,740/-80.7%


UPDATE FOR APRIL 13, 2020 (DAY 12)

Day 12 deaths of the Wuhan Coronavirus saw a dip of reported deaths of over 300 from the day before, which was welcomed Easter day news. There are now two days left for Fauci’s model to show mass causalities in a short time. Dr. Fauci supporters are now moving onto to other areas of claims, disregarding the current one I am tracking. Deaths will now start being ignored for radical economic change and promotion of the collapse of America’s economic system with mass quarantine.

Start: 20,577   Deaths: 1,528   End: 22,105   Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,614/-78.6%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 85,704  Death: 16,275 = -67,354/-80.5%


UPDATE FOR APRIL 14, 2020 (DAY 13)

Day 13 deaths leveled off to around the 1500 mark. Day by day, state Governor’s, along with their doctors keep moving the goal posts on states reopening. Hospitals are not overwhelmed at this point and are actually laying off staff. The daily deaths of people will start becoming background noise unfortunately as economic issues will start consuming policymakers and citizens. Law enforcement starting to report a spike in violent crime by offenders who have no previous criminal records.

Start: 22,105   Deaths: 1,535   End: 23,640   Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -5,607/-78.5%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 92,846  Death: 17,810 = -72,961/-80.3%


UPDATE FOR APRIL 15, 2020 (DAY 14)

Day 14 (last day) saw a big uptick in reported deaths due to states reporting “lagging tests”. Many of these tests came all the way back from Mid-March, indicating the virus was already here and nothing a shutdown could do. State of New York is making a big claim that they want another 3,778 deaths added to their counts, even though no tests were done to confirm deceased had the Wuhan Coronvirus.

Overall, I think Fauci and other epidemiologists did think mass death would hit the United States. Why was their projections faulty? One, they are human and do overreach in assuming the health of the U.S. without going out and doing field research. Many times you’ll see major media pundits claim the U.S. is “unhealthy”. How do they know? Another reason I think Fauci made this big claim was to draw attention away from himself continually going out in front of the media claiming the coronanvirus would be no big deal.

Thanks for following this 14 day run. I’ll come back from time to time and update it.

Start: 23,640   Deaths: 2,407   End: 26,047   Projected Death: 7,142
Daily Difference: -4,475/-66.2%
Overall Difference: Projected Death: 100,000  Death: 20,217 = -79,783/-79.7%

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