Illinois Passes Budget Which Includes Medicaid For Illegal Immigrants

Even though Illinois is about to go financially broke, they at least stick to their principles during this economic crisis and pass budgets with endless spending. In fact, the state government just held their session on to pass a budget. While tax revenue and employment is being destroyed in the state under their draconian lock down rules, Illinois lawmakers are spending as if tax revenue will magically just keep coming in.

With that, they developed a new program to spend money on illegal immigrants:

Despite a pandemic causing billions of dollars of lost tax revenue because of government imposed shutdowns of sectors of the economy, and a reliance on a federal bailout, Illinois state lawmakers passed a budget onto the governor that seeks to spend $40 billion in state funds.

The budget lawmakers passed during a pandemic special session borrows billions to spend about the same as it did in the current year.

In addition to the $39.8 billion in state General Revenue Funds, there’s $57.7 billion from other state federal funds for a total of $97.5 billion.

A separate bill to implement the budget increases the eligibility threshold for energy assistance and gives undocumented workers over the age of 65 access to Medicaid. It’s unclear how much those programs will cost.

Source: KPVI

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